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Victoria SIGNATUREseries
Victoria SIGNATUREseries

an option for every preference

Polish vs SIGNATUREsoft finish

Polished cast iron skillets have a vintage cast iron nostalgic charm, with their smooth and easy-to-use surface. However, we have found that traditional polished finishes can have some drawbacks. Seasoning doesn't stick as well to polished skillets, which can result in shadows, scratchy patinas, and even flaking when not taken care of properly.

After years of testing in our labs, we developed our own unique finish: the Victoria SIGNATUREsoft finish. This finish is achieved by using a CNC machine to smooth the inside of the skillet, and then sand blasting it to give it a slight texture. This texture allows for more forgiving heat tolerances and better seasoning retention, while still passing the egg and corn bread test as well as a polished skillet.

So which finish is best for you? It really depends on your personal preferences. If you want to build seasoning quickly and don't want to be too precise with heat, we recommend the SIGNATUREsoft finish. If you prefer the polished look and feel, go for the polished finish. Either way, you can trust in the quality and durability of Victoria skillets.

Victoria SIGNATUREseries

why people love us

"I've been using the 12in skillet and it's quickly become my favorite. The design is really balanced and versatile, and the soft finish is my favorite feature. It's the best seasoned cast iron skillet and so easy to maintain."

Victoria SIGNATUREseries

the victoria promise

Not just the looks, we got the goods

1 Indestructible material

Our trademarked spherrous iron won’t crack or break.

2 Seasoned to perfection

Preseasoned with 3 layers of Kosher-certified non-GMO flaxseed oil. Seasoning you can use out of the box, without risk of PFOAs.

3 Timeless craftsmanship

3 generations of experience infused with modernity to last a lifetime. Casting has been in our blood since 1939.

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4 Top notch tech

After 8 decades of experience, and constant testing we achieved the best possible polish finish with superior seasoning adhesion. Lab-tested, grandma approved.

5 Intentional details

From precision pour spouts to slow to heat handles, nothing is overlooked

6 Coolness you can feel

Neck vent keeps handle cooler on the stove

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